Great Games for the Car- Part 2

Continuing from yesterday’s post, here are some more of our favorite road trip games!


The Minister’s Cat:

This is an oldie but goodies. Players take turns coming up with adjectives to describe the minister’s cat, starting with A. “The minister’s cat is an (angry) cat.” The next player repeats the sentence with a B word, and the play progresses through the alphabet.


A, My Name Is Annie:

Starting with A, players describe a person, that person’s friend, where they are both from, and what they’re selling. For example: A, my name is Annie, my friend’s name is Alex, we come from Alaska, and we’re here to sell you apples. The next player starts with B. If you can’t come up with a sentence, you’re out.


License Plate Bingo:

You’ll need paper and pencils for this game. Make a bingo card by drawing a grid of five boxes across and five boxes down. Fill the boxes with letters from the alphabet-either in order or at random. Put the Z in the center box along with whatever letter is already there (there are only 25 boxes, so you have to double up in one in order to fit all 26 letters). Now look at the license plates around you and check off the letters that you see. When you get a straight line up, down, across, or diagonal, you win!

osman-rana-215847 (1).jpg

Guess the Number:

One player thinks of a number (between 1 and 1,000) The other players must guess what number it is. The person who is thinking of a number can only say “higher” or “lower”, narrowing  down the choices until one of the player gets it right. The winner gets to think of the next number.


Bizz, Buzz:

This is a counting game. Each player takes turns counting-player one says, “1”; player two says “2,” etc. But every time a player gets to a number with a 3 in it, they must shout “Bizz!” instead of “3.” (That’s 3,13,23, etc). Want to make it harder? Every 3 is a bizz, and every 7 is a buzz. If you mess up, you’re out. (This is one of our favorites. It is tons of fun with a large group!)


What’s your favorite road trip game!? 🙂

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